Who Can Benefit From Hypopressives?

In the evolving landscape of fitness and well-being, hypopressives have emerged as a beacon for core and pelvic health. But, as with any technique, one might wonder, “Is this right for me?” In truth, hypopressives extend their benefits to a diverse range of individuals. Let’s delve into who stands to gain the most from this holistic approach.

Understanding the Universality of Hypopressives

Hypopressives are not just postural and breathing exercises; they’re a synergy of techniques aiming to fortify the body’s core, enhance posture, and improve respiratory function. With such broad objectives, it’s no surprise that hypopressives cater to a diverse audience.

The Wide Spectrum of Beneficiaries

  1. Women Experiencing Prolapse Symptoms: Prolapse is a condition many women encounter, particularly post-childbirth. Hypopressives, by fortifying the pelvic floor muscles, can help alleviate the discomfort and other symptoms associated with prolapse.
  2. Athletes Seeking Core Strength: Athletes, regardless of their sport, rely heavily on core strength for stability and power. Hypopressives, by targeting the core muscles, can enhance athletic performance and prevent potential injuries.
  3. Postpartum Mothers: Childbirth is a transformative experience, both emotionally and physically. Mothers seeking to regain core strength and pelvic health after delivery can find solace in hypopressives.
  4. Individuals with Respiratory Challenges: Beyond core strength, hypopressives can also improve respiratory capacity, offering individuals with minor respiratory issues a chance to breathe easier.
  5. Those Aiming for Postural Perfection: With modern lifestyles leading to slouching and poor posture, hypopressives serve as a tool to correct and maintain an upright posture, preventing long-term spinal issues.

Embarking on Your Hypopressive Journey with Complete Core Control

Whether you identify with one of the groups mentioned above or are merely curious, your hypopressive journey deserves the right guidance and resources.

Online and Face-to-Face Support

  • Online Courses: Our Fitter Floor and Core Hypopressive Training offers a robust foundation for beginners and those looking to refine their technique. This comprehensive package includes an online course, in-depth video lessons, and a downloadable PDF book.
  • Face-to-Face Sessions: For residents of Devon and Sussex, our expert sessions with Lizzie and Sarah offer invaluable insights and hands-on training. Get immediate feedback and personal guidance.

Free Ebooks for Continued Learning

To complement your learning, our collection of free ebooks, available at the foot of our page, provide deeper insights into hypopressives, ensuring that your journey is backed by thorough knowledge.

We’re Here for Your Queries

Every journey comes with its set of questions. Whether you need clarity on a specific posture or wish to understand more about hypopressives, we’re a call or email away. At Complete Core Control, your journey is our priority.


Hypopressives, with their multi-faceted benefits, cater to a wide demographic. Whether you’re an athlete, a new mother, or someone seeking better posture and core health, hypopressives might just be the answer you’ve been searching for. Dive into this transformative technique with Complete Core Control and experience the change firsthand.

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