5 Ways You Can Benefit From Hypopressives in 2023

As the world constantly evolves, so does our understanding of fitness and wellness techniques. Hypopressives, once a well-kept secret in specialized fitness circles, have now stormed the mainstream, offering transformative results to those who embrace them. With 2023 unfolding, let’s explore five compelling ways hypopressives can enhance your well-being this year.

1. Improved Core Stability and Strength

The 2023 Perspective: With the surge in home-based workouts and an increasing focus on holistic well-being, having a robust core is not just for athletes. It’s for anyone wanting to optimize their daily function, from lifting groceries to practicing yoga.

Hypopressives Take: Through systematic low-pressure exercises, hypopressives target the deep core muscles. Regular practice can lead to a stronger core, improving overall body stability and reducing the risk of injuries.

2. Enhanced Pelvic Floor Health

The 2023 Perspective: Women’s health issues, especially concerning the pelvic floor, are gaining more attention and understanding. From postpartum recovery to addressing age-related concerns, pelvic health is in the limelight.

Hypopressives Take: Hypopressives offer a non-invasive way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This can help alleviate and prevent symptoms like urinary incontinence, especially significant for women post-childbirth or during menopause.

3. Boosted Respiratory Function

The 2023 Perspective: With global health threats still fresh in our memory, respiratory health is paramount. We now recognize the importance of efficient breathing not just for athletes but for everyone.

Hypopressives Take: By emphasizing unique breathing techniques, hypopressives can improve lung capacity and respiratory function. This could lead to better endurance in sports and improved overall health.

4. Optimal Posture and Spinal Health

The 2023 Perspective: The work-from-home trend is continuing, making posture more relevant than ever. Maintaining a healthy spine is critical to prevent long-term complications and improve quality of life.

Hypopressives Take: Regular hypopressive exercises can help in correcting postural imbalances. By strengthening the core and enhancing body awareness, they play a crucial role in maintaining an upright posture, especially vital for those spending extended hours at desks.

5. Mental Well-being and Stress Reduction

The 2023 Perspective: Mental health and physical wellness go hand in hand. Stress reduction techniques, mindfulness, and relaxation are at the forefront of wellness trends this year.

Hypopressives Take: The breathing techniques in hypopressives not only enhance physical health but also promote relaxation. They can serve as a meditative practice, helping in stress reduction and promoting a sense of calm.

Embrace Hypopressives with Complete Core Control

Ready to integrate hypopressives into your 2023 wellness routine? At Complete Core Control, we offer dedicated resources to guide you. Dive into our comprehensive Fitter Floor and Core Hypopressive Training. And for more insights, our free ebooks, available at the foot of our page, are there to support your journey.


With 2023 offering a fresh slate, it’s the perfect time to explore the multifaceted benefits of hypopressives. From core strength to mental well-being, make this year about holistic health and transformation. With Complete Core Control by your side, you’re set for success.

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