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How do I fix my Prolapse

This is one of the most personal subjects we deal with...

How do I start my post natal recovery?

Why is proper, safe, postnatal recovery so important? Find out here.

What are Hypopressives?

Want to know more about the core of our rehab and training?

How do I fix my Pelvic Floor

It's more common than you think.

What can I do to help my recovery from abdominal surgery?

Safe core rehab from any kind of surgery on your abdomen.

What is Revive?

Discover more about our dedicated support here.

How do I fex the gap in my tummy?

Diastasis Recti is incredibly common. Start your recovery here.

How can I exercise safely while I'm pregnant?

What you should and shouldn’t be doing

How does the menopause affect the way I exercise?

Are Aqua and Pilates the ONLY things I can do? Nope...

Menopause and Bone Health

Menopause and Bone Health

What you need to know about the menopause and Bone Health Natural bone loss accelerates in mid-life, this is especially true during menopause as levels of protective oestrogen decline so we are more at risk of osteoporosis and Osteopenia. By the age of 65 though,...

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New Videos – Pilates and Holistic

New Videos – Pilates and Holistic

So what’s new? Get ready for several different Pilates sessions in both the Core Control Library and the Empower Me Library. You'll find two more traditional Pilates workouts and then another which ups the intensity by pairing Pilates with resistance bands. All three...

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Kegal’s are not the only way to work your pelvic floor!

More women need to take a huge sigh of relief and realise that the pelvic floor is probably the hardest muscle group in the body to try and work.  I don’t know about you but every time most women I know try to work the pelvic floor their eyebrows get an amazing...

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New Videos – Hypos to Combat!

New Videos – Hypos to Combat!

So what’s new? First up, we have a Hyporessive routine with Sarah to increase mobility in your shoulders and back. You'll find that in the extensive Core Control Library. Both Sarah and Lizzie pick up the weights with a routine a couple of weights based work outs...

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New Videos for December

New Videos for December

Get moving with us! New workouts in the libraries! So what's new? First up, we have a Hyporessive routine with Lizzie in the Core Control Library, then Lizzie picks up the weights with a routine designed to help build bone density, then it's time to finish up with...

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Prolapse, Pessaries and Peeing your pants!!

Prolapse, Pessaries and Peeing your pants!!

If you have been told you have a Prolapse you may have been offered a pessary to help with your symptoms. Deciding to have a pessary fitted is not an easy decision for some women but it should not be seen as a bad thing or as an admission of failing. Let’s talk about...

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What exercises can I do with a prolapse?

Women start their journey with us afraid to squat, to play with their children or knowing that even a long walk can have an impact on their symptoms. There is a lot about what you can’t do out there and little about what you can, but this blog is to show you the...

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non members timetable 5th Dec

CLASSES WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 5th DecemberMonday Weights with Sarah - 45 Mins Monday 5th December at 09.30am Using a variety of weights for a whole body workout. Monday Pilates with Sarah - 45 Mins Monday 5th December 10:30am Pilates to mobilise and tone. We may use...

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