Menopause Facts

If you are reaching that age when you know the menopause is approaching, what can you do to help the transition through perimenopause and to back out the other side?

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Positives of the Menopause

There is so much negativity around the menopause and we wanted to find some positives to help you get your mindset in right place and embrace this next change of your lives so here we go.

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12 Natural Ways to Balance your Hormones during the Menopause

Here’s  our “12 natural ways to balance your hormones” cheatsheet.

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How does the Menopause affect the way I exercise?

This is a common misconception amongst women going through “the change” they get confused as to what is ok and are often told Aqua or pilates. Now don’t get us wrong these are great forms of exercise however is that really all you can do?

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