Positives of the Menopause

Positives of the Menopause

There is so much negativity around the menopause and we wanted to find some positives to help you get your mindset in right place and embrace this next change of your lives so here we go.

Positives of the Menopause

1. No more time of the month! No restrictions, no limitations, no cramps what’s not to like?

2. End to the PMT mood swings. How amazing is this one for us girls who really suffer with this one? No more Jekyll and Hyde.

3. The end of hormonal headaches and migraines.  For those of us that suffer with these and have done for years this is truly life changing to know that all your future plans will not be changed or ruined due to days spent in a darkened room feeling like your heads going to implode.

4. Sex without the chance of pregnancy! Nothing to add to this one ladies.

5. Fibroids can stop growing and/or shrink. Many women develop fibroids, uterine tumours that are almost always benign. Fibroids grow when estrogen levels in the body are high — during pregnancy, when levels of estrogen and progesterone increase, and in perimenopause, when estrogen levels can swing from low to high. Common fibroid symptoms, including pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, and pressure on the bladder, if they are large and causing an impact on your life then doctors may recommend surgery. If you are close to the menopause though they may say to leave it, as fibroids often stop growing or shrink when women reach menopause and estrogen levels decline.

6. Time to put you first for a change. With your children grown or on their way to independence and a career that’s well established, women in menopause have more time to take care of themselves. Start new hobbies, take more time for treats, holidays and socialising.  

Remember – If we can keep our bodies strong, healthy and active we can combat the negatives of menopause and really focus on the positives.

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