Why is it so important to build strength after abdominal surgery?

Why is it so important to build strength after abdominal surgery?

We are often finding ladies who have had abdominal surgery really struggling with getting back to feeling right in their bodies again.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of information for these women after the early days of recovery.

The question we are often asked is, “I am X weeks post-surgery, I want to rebuild my strength, where do I start?”

Or they don’t know that they should build up gradually so end up going to a class they think is right but where the exercises are completely unsuitableuntil they have built that lower layer or strength first and end up causing more harm than good.

We want to explain the importance of this type of training and put it a different way.

If you had a knee operation you would take your time to recover and would slowly do the basic exercises at home before hitting the gym on the whole right?

This is exactly the same for abdominal surgery which is why we have developed our courses to help you know exactly what basic steps you need to take before going back to “normal” exercise.

Remember you have had a problem that you have had to have surgery for, this problem/ weakness or growth will have caused an imbalance through your core and thus put pressure through other muscles causing a knock-on effect. We want to restore that balance so you can reduce the post-surgery pains, keep scar tissue moving and generally feel better.

Feeling lost?

If you don't know where to start with your rehab and are feeling lost, then we're here to help you. Just hit the button to send us an email and we'll be in touch.

We can offer you the guidance and support you need to find the right kind of core rehab no matter your issue and without any judgment.

Sometimes the first step is just asking for help. We're here for you.

Call us on 07881 526 694 or email info@completecorecontrol.com


Fitter Floor and Core – Online Course, Downloadable PDF and Video Access


Learn Hypopressives and how to use them to improve your Core weakness.

This technique is changing so many women’s lives, by focusing on our breath work and posture to help reduce abdominal pressure, strengthen the pelvic floor and improve prolapse

We use the Hypopressive technique as the base of the course alongside Pilates for prolapse and core issues to start to build strength through
the whole core safely.

When you start to feel stronger and your symptoms begin to improve the course then moves onto general functional fitness that doesn’t increase abdominal pressure but starts to get you working a bit
harder ready to get back to the exercise you love.

This course is unlike any other Core programme.

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