What can I do to help my Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

What can I do to help with my Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

We are obviously on a very sensitive topic at the moment and we are so glad you are sticking around to find out this information that we have put together for you.

When you are struggling with a prolapse, the thought of anything strenuous just fills you with dread, right?

The thought of coughing? Lifting something? And dare I say it pooing can just become a MASSIVE deal.

So, we would like to offer you some tips which can hopefully help reduce the stress of when this happens.


When we cough, we tend to bend forwards and push down into our stomach, thus pushing onto the prolapse, so we would like you to try this instead.

Sit up tall, tighten your tummy muscles, look straight, place 1 hand on your thigh, whilst you bring the other to your mouth (thinking germ catching) and cough forwards.

The video explains this a bit better as you can see what we mean. This reduces the amount of pressure going into the abdominal cavity and you should all in all feel better?

Give it a try!

Defecating (let’s talk poo!)

We know it’s a not a talked about topic, but I am sorry, we all do it, and sometimes it is harder for some than others so we need to talk about it here.

When you have a prolapse, it can often cause constipation so going to the loo can become quite an ordeal. We want to try to help you make it a bit less of a mission with a couple of tips.

First, you have got to try to relax so just start breathing and relaxing your tummy muscles.

Get into a winning position, the conventional way to sit on the toilet these days is not actually that great for us and doesn’t put things in an easy evacuation position should we say.

Many years ago, we used to squat to poo and in some cultures, they still do and to be honest, that is pretty much a perfect position.


But could you try to get a little step in your bathroom that goes under your feet to bring the knees a little higher?

You shouldn’t have to strain just sit and relax and things should just slowly begin to work with little encouragement.

Try it and see!


We know you must lift sometimes so it’s not something you can completely avoid, but when you do lift could you make some adjustments?

If you are one of our younger ladies with small children and a prolapse, we get it, you must lift the children here and there so if you have a toddler, could you make a game out of it?

You bend down and then both count 1,2,3 and they jump up and you bring them the rest of the way?

Ladies who need to pick up something and no one else is there, could you perhaps, distribute the weight and take smaller loads?

Could you call on a neighbour?

If you do have to lift, then ensure you are bending loads in your legs and tightening your tummy muscles.

Give it a try!

We hope you have found these tips helpful. Let us know how you get on and we will see you next time 😊

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