How posture can help with your Pelvic Organ Prolapse

How Posture can help with your Pelvic Organ Prolapse

We know, we know… we’re going to talk about posture and standing up straight again… but you’re about to see why and how it makes such a difference. And not to mention why we think it’s so great!

If you have a prolapse, any extra weight or pressure “down there” is not going to help. By standing or sitting up tall you are distributing that pressure away from the abdominal cavity, take a little look at the video to see exactly what we mean.

The key is to find some time to practice this. Nothing worth having is easy, you do have to do some work. So, set yourself up to succeed by setting an alarm every hour to remind you to sit or stand tall whilst you are doing what you are doing, it works trust me, I am so conditioned now on my posture but even I have those old habits coming in and writing this I feel myself grow a couple of inches so I must have been slouching a little.

Perseverance is key, give it a go!


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