Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Case Study

Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Case Study

We want to tell you the success story of a very special client of ours, we have removed her name to protect her identity on her request due to the sensitivity of the topic.

This lady came to see Sarah in June 2017, she is 77 years old and has 7 children!

When she came for her initial consultation, she had been diagnosed with two prolapsed organs bowel and bladder these were a grade 3 and a grade 2.

She had been referred for surgery and was due to have the repair done, she decided to cancel and see if she could do anything to improve her situation before going down the surgery path.

After the first consultation, she went away and spent time every day practicing her hypopressive breathing postures and exercises designed to help strengthen and lift her prolapse.

When she returned in August, she had already noticed a difference with her urge incontinence, this had gone completely, and she had even been able to run for the bus without leaking.

Over the next few months we introduced some more advanced techniquesand included some basic Pilates exercises to help with mobility and posture, when she returned to see Sarah in October she came with fantastic news…….. 

She had been back to her consultant and she had been signed off as no longer needing surgery. In fact her prolapse and reduced from a grade 3 to a grade 2 and the other from a 2 to a 1. 

She went from strength to strength, always having been active she went back to the gym and her strength training and even sent Sarah a text to say she wanted to start jogging again.

Her commitment to staying active and improving her health by using alternatives to surgery have to be commended.

Our lady’s story shows her commitment and determination to the trainingwe gave her and is testament that you can avoid surgery and regain that core strength no matter your age. Although the higher the grades of prolapse are always more difficult to recover it is possible, you just need to commit to yourself and the training we provide and the results will follow.

The key is to find some time to practice this. Nothing worth having is easy, you do have to do some work. So, set yourself up to succeed by setting an alarm every hour to remind you to sit or stand tall whilst you are doing what you are doing, it works trust me, I am so conditioned now on my posture but even I have those old habits coming in and writing this I feel myself grow a couple of inches so I must have been slouching a little.

Perseverance is key, give it a go!

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