What you need to be aware of during postnatal recovery

What you need to be aware of during postnatal recovery

After having a baby you can often feel a little or a lot out of sorts.

Sometimes it can be as simple as tiredness and feeling a bit weak, other times it can be painful, upsetting or embarrassing the change in your body and this can sometimes be the first sign that something is not quite right.

Now, this feeling is more common in multiple births rather than your first birth but this is not always the case.

If you are suffering from mild stress incontinence this can be worked on as we have explained in our “stress incontinence section” you don’t have to accept that all is lost now you have had a child and the only way forward is pads in your pants.

See our “how to check for diastasis recti” video to check if your abdominals have come back together.

If you are feeling there is something “down there” when you walk or feel a dragging sensation or struggling with bowel movements then look at our prolapse section a couple of weeks back but also book in to see your women’s health physio or GP as you may have a prolapse.

We know this is not something you want to be thinking about right now as you are only just trying to get your head around the role of mummy but you do need to know about this stuff so you can take care of yourself too.

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