Stress Incontinence – How do I work my Pelvic Floor?

How do I work my Pelvic Floor?

This is something that regularly pops up in our community, as a lot of women just are not sure how to do it. Remember though, pelvic floor squeezes or “kegals” are one of the ways to help your symptoms. Let’s dive in and see if we can help explain how to do a kegal exercise.

It’s not always easy, statistics show that many of us that suffer with pelvic floor dysfunction struggle to activate the pelvic floor in a conscious contraction.

We don’t teach our clients to do this because hypopressives will engage and contract your pelvic floor with its unique focus on breathing, posture and alignment.

But here is one way I try to get women to visualise and engage their pelvic floor.

Imagine stepping into a lift/elevator, you walk in to find three of the hottest people on the planet in this lift. For me that would be Tom Hardy, Chris Hemsworth & Idris Elba 😍.

First you are going to feel like you might wet yourself so you need to stop that happening by squeezing like you need to stop a wee.

Second you remember you had a fierce curry last night and have a wind issue 😳😱. No one wants to do that in this lift! So you also need to squeeze from the back as if you are holding in wind, if you also clench your bum cheeks so be it, but try to relax them if you can.

Don’t panic! You won’t be able to hold this squeeze for very long so sadly your dream men/women get off on the next floor.

Oh and by the way don’t hold your breath, you need to breathe throughout this, although if you passed out imagine those faces looking down on you when you came round, heaven 😇.

Have a go and let us know how you get on.

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