Core Activation

Mobilisation and low level core control

  • Roll downs
  • Roll downs to down dog
  • Knee lifts/toe taps
  • One leg stretch
  • Bridge

Brilliant stuff girls, well done, how are you feeling? Surprising how tough those basic’s exercises are?

If ‘yes’ you are doing it right, if ‘no’ re-check your position, just in-case you have lost the activation and try again. The most advanced trainers should still feel some activation even in the basic moves.

Over the next two weeks we want you to combine what you have learnt here in the two sections.

They don’t have to be done at the same time as we know it can all be very dependent on how the day is going, children, work etc. If you have a block of time let’s utilise it and do both.

Aim for 20 times from the breathing technique section and then pick three of the Core Control moves to follow. REMEMBER, with each exercise set yourself up perfectly so you can really feel what is going on, less is more with this.

Good luck

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