Core Activation

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As you can tell by now, we really want you to get the technique right before moving on. It’s so important for everything you do, which is why all our videos are broken down into a step by step guide, so you get those results you’re looking for.

OK, video number 1 for you. This section is a little different from what we have been teaching you in Section 2. We still want you to be continuing with Section 2 as you introduce Section 3, this is more Pilates based and focused completely on activating your abdominal muscles in the right way to get the best results. This, and the breathing technique works so beautifully together for a really effective re-strengthening of the core.

How to engage your core

If you can activate your core muscles correctly, you will get more out of the exercises you are doing.

So often we see people taking the hardest “core” exercise and saying, “I can’t feel it in my abs I can only feel it in my back”. This usually means that you haven’t activated your core correctly or you may not yet be strong enough in the right places to achieve the hardest level, so take it back to basics and do more of it. Then slowly increase the level. There’s no shame in this, it makes perfect sense.

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

Arch your back as far as you can, creating a gap between your lower back and the floor, then flatten your back against the floor and then repeat until it gets smaller and smaller. You should start to feel you have a natural curve in your back and that your hips are in-line with your ribs
Now imagine you are about to have something very heavy dropped on your tummy and to stop it from hurting you contract your abdominals (which is what we mean when we say “brace your abs”). Now relax off your contraction to about 60% contracted so you can still breath and function. This is how to engage your core properly.

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