Well done! You have taken that all important first step to re-building your body. Your “Three things every woman should be doing daily to fix embarrassing leaks” should be coming into your inbox in the next few minutes. While you are waiting take a look at this quick six minute video I made for you.









Special bonus

FREE membership for one month

Special bonus –  access to our Empower Me membership for 1 month to help you accelerate your training further.Special bonus –  access to our Empower Me membership for 1 month to help you accelerate your training further.

As our way of acknowledging your commitment to yourself today, we would like to offer you a gift of free access to our membership portal for a month.

  • Exercise library with workouts from low impact aerobic, body conditioning and Core Control classes (£24 per month).

If you are not loving your Empower me membership after 4 weeks then please let us know, otherwise we will acknowledge you are enjoying your membership and start to take payment.





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We invite you to get out exclusive online body re-building formula

Usually £197

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This is the only time you will get it at this very low discounted price.

Discover our six-part body rebuilding formula and start making changes to your life today!

You will be taken step by step through this course with comprehensive videos to demonstrate specific techniques that reduce the pressure in the body, build strength in the musculoskeletal system and change the way you move unlike any other fitness programme currently out there.

It is tailored specifically for women who are suffering with stress or urge incontinence, prolapse or general core weakness that is affecting their day to day life.


The Fitter Floor and Core project

In this accelerated training, you will discover


  • The power of knowledge
    Let us educate you and explain the importance of making daily changes and adjustments so you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
  • Be Strong!
    By using our formula we are working on the areas that no bog standard exercises in the gym or classes do.
  • Our done for you workouts
    This again is no generic training. It is specific for you, we take away all of the questions of what you should be doing by writing it for you, step by step, all you have to do is do it! We can’t do that bit for you.

…and much more.



  • Go out and about without having to worry about where the nearest toilet is and if you will make it in time.
  • Feel stronger and more confident as you don’t feel your body is letting you down.
  • Improve relationships with partners and friends as you feel happier and more positive in life in general as you don’t have those worries dragging you down.
  • Get back to doing what you love, running, playing on the trampoline with kids, dancing or just loving life.
  • Be a stronger and happier version of you!



“After my second child I was looking to focus on re-building my pelvic floor to regain the strength and control that I had pre-baby. Thankfully after a lot of searching I found Lizzie and Sarah. From the first consultancy to the following course it was clear that these ladies knew what they were doing and were very passionate about improving the lives of their clients. I now have the tools to practice and rebuild myself. I look forward to jumping on a trampoline with confidence. Thank you both”.


“I can’t stop raving about Complete Core Control to all my mum friends (young and old). The course helped me reconnect with my body after having my second child. By the third week of the Mummy Rebuild course I had the confidence to stop wearing a panty liner. Sarah and Lizzie really know their stuff!”


“I was concerned about my pelvic floor and core after having my second child. The Mummy Rebuild course has shown me how to do simple breathing and exercises to help improve this. After a short time I already feel stronger and my pelvic floor is improved. I no longer have to panic if I need to sneeze! Lizzie and Sarah are excellent coaches and the videos and resources provided has been great for me to follow at home.”


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