It’s time to get EMPOWERED.

Join our dedicated video library.

We are so excited to introduce you to our Empower me workout library.

We have put this together for women who want to exercise but need to ensure that they are protecting themselves.

Our workout sessions have been carefully put together with “Core and Floor” friendly exercises, so they can be done with ladies who may be suffering with any of the below:

Stress or urge incontinence
Have a prolapse
Abdominal separation (diastasis recti)
Postnatal and wanting to get back to exercise

We invite you to join us and let us guide you back to fitness through our low impact, low pressure, core strengthening workouts.

This membership is ideal for any women who want to get back to some form of exercise after a period of time off, are post-op, postnatal or would just like to continue with their core control training after one of our courses then this is the option for you.

This doens’t mean that the exercises in our Empower Me Library here won’t get your body working, we assure you they will! They’ll do all of this whilst keeping your Core and Pelvic floor safe.

You can choose from a variety of workouts including:

Full body workouts
Body conditioning
Low impact HIIT
Upper body strength training
Lower body strength training.

Get your kit on, pick what you fancy that day and follow Lizzie and Sarah through your workout at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

It’s time to feel stronger, feel and above all, feel like you again!

Discover our variety of workouts

From low impact aerobics to Core Control classes, you’ll have access to our extensive video library, so come and workout with us as little or as often as you like.

You don't need to be super fit

There are loads of other classes or memberships out there if you are looking for hardcore exercises, this is why ours is so unique.

No high impact exercises

You will not find burpees, planks or crunches in our library as we are here for those that would not benefit from that type of training. So, if we are speaking your language then join us and start making changes to your life today!

It's great value

Only £12.00 a month for our extensive and growing video library. You won’t find a low-impact, women’s fitness membership plan like this anywhere else.

It's Flexible

We’re so confident that you’ll want to keep your Empower Me membership that we make it really easy for you to cancel if you’re not loving it.

Just log in to your account and click the cancel link. It’s as simple as that – no pushy sales calls, no waiting – just click!

  • Feel better with more energy from our Aerobic, low impact HIIT and full body toning workouts designed just for you.
  • Enjoy some guilt-free workout time as you can do it anytime in the comfort of your own home without finding childcare.
  • Get your questions answered in our dedicated community Facebook group by others just like you or ourselves.

£12.00 / month

Out of stock


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our members have to say.

“After my second child I was looking to focus on re-building my pelvic floor to regain the strength and control that I had pre-baby. Thankfully after a lot of searching I found Lizzie and Sarah. From the first consultancy to the following course it was clear that these ladies knew what they were doing and were very passionate about improving the lives of their clients. I now have the tools to practice and rebuild myself. I look forward to jumping on a trampoline with confidence. Thank you both”.


“I was concerned about my pelvic floor and core after having my second child. The Mummy Rebuild course has shown me how to do simple breathing and exercises to help improve this. After a short time I already feel stronger and my pelvic floor is improved. I no longer have to panic if I need to sneeze! Lizzie and Sarah are excellent coaches and the videos and resources provided has been great for me to follow at home.”


“Really interesting to learn what happens to the body after babies and why you feel so weak. Such a supportive and informative course.

I think for someone who isn’t into exercise this course challenges and helps. You can do it at your own pace to your own standard.

Lizzie is so supportive. I have had real issues throughout with the techniques but she has taken extra time out to support me. It also takes me a while to grasp exercise instructions and Lizzie is non-judgemental and patient. She has helped my confidence and that I CAN do it, I feel I have the tools to continue.”


“Really useful and very motivating and empowering, feeling myself heal.

I feel stronger, I have less back pain and reflux. I feel my core re-engaging. This has a massive positive influence on my physical health but also my mental health, I thought I was a lost cause! I love belly dancing and to get core strength back is so important to me.”


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