Our Services

Our Services


Initial Consultation

This is the first step towards us seeing if we can help you. In this initial consultation we will be finding out as much as we can about you and your needs. Be warned it gets personal. We will then take you through some assessments so we can see where you are currently so we are able to give you the right advice based tailored to your specific situation.

You will leave the consultation with a clear idea of what you need to do, a report of our findings and routine for you to follow to get you started on the right track.



To book

To book, please contact admin@fitmummy.co.uk

Bespoke Coaching

This is exactly what it says on the tin, it is an individualised coaching programme with Lizzie or Sarah.

Based on the results of your initial consultation, Lizzie or Sarah will put together a tailored plan for you to follow over the next 12 weeks with a variety of resources to help you reach your end goal.

You will be able to contact your coach with questions and you will receive a catch-up video call with Lizzie or Sarah once a month to ensure you’re staying on track and to ask in person any of your concerns or worries.

We have very limited spaces each month for this kind of high-level coaching and therefore are very particular about who we work with. We are looking for committed ladies who are willing to put in the work they are given so they can achieve the goals they desire. Only women ready to be empowered need apply.


Initial consultation £55.00. Your 12 week course will be priced separately.

To book

To book, please contact admin@fitmummy.co.uk

Our Courses

New Mum Fitness Consultation (up to one hour) – New mum health check

This is the first step to take before starting any exercise routine.

In this consultation we will be finding out as much as we can about you, your pregnancy, delivery and general well-being. Be warned it gets personal.

We will then take you through some assessments so we can see where you are now and so we are able to give you the right advice based on your situation. You will leave your health check knowing what is safe for you to do and not to do based on your current situation and what the next steps for you are.

We will follow up with a report of our findings and recommendations to help you safely find you way back to exercise alongside a short routine for you to implement straight away. We want you to feel confident in what you are doing.


£55.00 for New Mummy Health Check (a must for every new mum)

To book

To book a New Mum Health Check please contact admin@fitmummy.co.uk

Mummy Rebuild – Online Course

This structured course is designed specifically for new mums with a baby of up to one year old. We show you step by step what you need to be doing to re-build your body safely after giving birth. We remove all the concerns of what’s right and what’s wrong to ensure you don’t cause yourself any harm on your journey back to exercise.

This course will take you approximately six weeks to complete and we strongly suggest you don’t rush through it to ensure you get the best results.

There is a clear format to follow throughout the course so you know exactly what you are doing week in week out to ensure your success in this programme.

This is a programme that really gets results, on average a good 2-3cm loss off our previous mummies waists along with 100% saying they feel stronger and more confident in their bodies. Yay!



Fitter Floor and Core – Online Course

Ever wanted a specific training programme to work on stress/urge incontinence, diastasis recti (abdominal separation), prolapse, persistent back pain? Well, here it is.

This course is a six-week tailored programme for our ladies with these kinds of issues, it has been tried and tested on ladies of all ages to improve their symptoms and build their confidence and we can tell you and it really works!

If you’re recovering from surgery email us for a separate rehab programme post hysterectomy, abdominal surgery, hernia surgery etc.



Beautiful Bumps

Our pregnancy programme allows you to continue exercising with confidence throughout your pregnancy. The course in broken down into trimesters so you know in each trimester what you are doing is right for you and your baby.

We have included a gym workout section for each trimester in case you want to continue in the gym or home workouts for you to follow in the comfort of your own home.

We have taken our experience of eight  years teaching pregnancy classes and put it all down for you in this easy to follow exercise guide but it doesn’t stop there.

We know how uncertain this time can be, especially for new mums so we have filled our programme with advice from our lovely mums that have done our classes, our own experiences and all the stuff that no-one tells you that can come as a surprise when you get there.

We want you to feel as confident and as strong as you can going into delivery of your baby, it’s an exciting time.

We enjoyed writing and filming this so much, we hope you love it too.


£120.00 per trimester or £197.00 for all three trimesters if purchased at the same time, saving £163.00!

Love what we do?

Become a member and get so much more.

If we said you could workout with us whenever you like and we are here to keep you motivated and make sure you are continuing with your training, staying on track and maintaining those results would you want in?

Well the good news is you now can by joining one of our monthly membership options and getting it done in the comfort of your own home or take us to the gym as much or as little as you like.  Sounds great right?

Check out our memberships here to see what’s included and we will see you on your screen soon!

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