Complete Core Control




Join us at 8:30pm on Monday 5th August

Complete Core Control




Join us at 8:30pm on Monday 5th August

Rebecca’s Story

Fit Mummy – Mummy Rebuild Course

Complete Core Control – Empower Me One-to-One Coaching

Rebecca came to see Sarah ten and half weeks after her second baby. Her first birth had been natural and had left her with diastasis recti (abdominal separation). She had discovered Hypopressives whilst living in Dubai and managed to reduce her gap. Her second baby was delivered by C section and had left her with a considerable separation.

Rebecca knew that she needed to start her postnatal recovery as soon as possible to avoid causing any damage or other health issues. Now living in the UK, she got in touch with Complete Core Control and started her training with Sarah.

In her initial consultation, Rebecca had a five-finger gap above her navel and a four-finger gap below. She totally understood that we needed to take a long-term approach to fixing her core and to get it functioning properly. Rebecca was completely committed to her recovery and made time each day to focus on her exercise programme.

Not easy when you are a mum of two with a new-born baby.

In just eight months and only five one-to-one sessions with Sarah, Rebecca had reduced her gap down to just two fingers above the navel and one finger gap below. Her posture improved, meaning there was less pressure in her abdominal cavity, her core tone and function had also benefited, meaning she could return to the gym and whatever other exercise she wanted to do and she also regained her body confidence feeling healthy and happy in her own skin.

Rebecca is proof that even busy mums can heal themselves with a little (five-minutes) time invested each day.

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8:30pm Monday 5th August

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  • What is Rectus Diastasis/Diastasis Recti?
  • How do I check for it?
  • How does it affect everything?
  • What should you avoid?
  • How we can help you and an example of how we have helped women just like you.

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I LOVE helping women of all ages regain their confidence. We’re building a tribe of stronger, happier, more confident women. Starting with you.

Sarah St John

Our message really is that it’s never too late to rebuild and strengthen your body. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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What People Are Saying

“After my second child I was looking to focus on re-building my pelvic floor to regain the strength and control that I had pre-baby. Thankfully after a lot of searching I found Lizzie and Sarah. From the first consultancy to the following course it was clear that these ladies knew what they were doing and were very passionate about improving the lives of their clients. I now have the tools to practice and rebuild myself. I look forward to jumping on a trampoline with confidence. Thank you both”.


“I can’t stop raving about Complete Core Control to all my mum friends (young and old). The course helped me reconnect with my body after having my second child. By the third week of the Mummy Rebuild course I had the confidence to stop wearing a panty liner. Sarah and Lizzie really know their stuff!”


“I was concerned about my pelvic floor and core after having my second child. The Mummy Rebuild course has shown me how to do simple breathing and exercises to help improve this. After a short time I already feel stronger and my pelvic floor is improved. I no longer have to panic if I need to sneeze! Lizzie and Sarah are excellent coaches and the videos and resources provided has been great for me to follow at home.”


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