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Pilates for Prolapse

Introducing our 2022 updated Pilates for Prolapse course.

We have taken our previous mini-course and given it a full makeover, it has the most up to date information and videos to ensure you know everything you need to know, whether you are new to Pilates, been doing Pilates but feel that you are restricted because of your prolapse or need confidence that you are doing the Pilates exercises that are safe for you, we have got it all covered.

We have added more written content but also 6 workout videos for you to follow along to with Sarah or Lizzie instructing you the whole way.

We also have added in extra educational videos on:

  • Posture set up – how to set yourself up correctly in pilates to ensure you are getting the right engagement in the core.
  • How to lift with a prolapse – something we get asked about a lot.
  • What is Hypopressives? A technique you can learn later that is becoming the go-to exercise for prolapse management.

There is so much focus on what you can’t do when you have a prolapse that we thought there needed to be more information on what you CAN do with a prolapse.

Join us and get started on your Core Rehab journey today!

First Steps to Rehab

Whatever your reason, we are confident this programme is going to help you get started on your core rehab journey.

What we’re going to cover

  • Starting point – answer our quick questionnaire and based on your results, we will indicate which exercises in the video are right for you.
  • How to take your measurements – including checking for abdominal separation or Rectus Diastasis.
  • How to check postural alignment and record findings.
  • Goal setting.
  • Breakdown and demonstration of “the breathing technique”.

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