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Want to fix your Prolapse or Pelvic Floor?


We work with women who have a core weakness including prolapse, Hysterectomy recovery or pelvic floor weakness.  However, we also coach women through menopause management and basically help them just start to feel strong again when maybe at the moment you are reading this and feeling broken.

We want to be able to help all women achieve their health goals so we make our coaching flexible and affordable for everyone. 

How do we get you started? 

If you have a prolapse, book an initial consultation with us or check out our Hypopressive Training Fitter Floor and Core online course.

If you want to exercise with a proplapse, are menopausal and want to get back to doing what you love or simply have a pelvic health issue, then you should check out our CCC Membership.

We are Complete Core Control, we help real women, achieve real goals.



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What do I do now?

If this information resonates with you but you’re still unsure which path to take, then we would recommend you get in touch with us via email to find out exactly how we can help you start your journey to core rehabilitation.

Sometimes the first step is just asking for help. We’re here for you.

No chatbots. Just us.


Island School of Yoga

We are delighted to be part of Radiance. A course supporting women through menopause and beyond with Island School of Yoga. To discover more click here.

The Menopause Consultancy

The Menopause Consultancy was set up by a group of doctors – all women – dedicated to helping other women going into and through the menopause in the best way possible.

Burrell Education

We are Burrel Education Graduated in Optimal Health before and after Hysterectomy. Burrel Education are the global leader in ante/postnatal & women’s wellness education.


Recommended by Dr Tina Peers

My Associate doctors and I see many women who struggle with stress incontinence, urgency and the effects of prolapsing vaginal walls following child birth.


Complete Core Control’s results are impressive with significant improvement in all the womens’ symptoms.

Dr Tina Peers



Q: I am not sure how to get started with you

A: The best option for all the women we work with is to book a one-hour consultation and follow up so we give you the tools you need to start getting stronger.

Q: I am not sure if I am too broken and you may not be able to help me?

A: We will always be completely honest with you so if you are unsure if we can help then email us and we can arrange a free 10-minute telephone consultation first and assess the best way to help you.  We have a network of consultants and women’s health physios we can refer you to if we feel you need to see them first.

Q: I have just had a baby and been diagnosed with a prolapse. What is the Mummy Rebuild course?

A: The Mummy Rebuild course is designed for women in that first-year post-partum. It will take you through the basic breathing technique for hypopressives and introduce other core strengthening exercises like Pilates.  Finally, we progress you to functional fitness so you feel strong enough to go back to exercise confidently in your body.  Suitable for women with Diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, C section recovery and post-partum prolapse.

Q: I have been diagnosed as peri menopausal. Can your coaching help me?

A: Yes, both Sarah and Lizzie have trained in Menopause management and menstrual cycles.  We can advise you on how to make small life changes to give you a better menopause transition. 

Q: I am just about to have a hysterectomy. Can you help me with my recovery?

A: We can help with recovery and rehab for any post abdominal surgery, including hysterectomy, c section, fibroid removal and more.  Hypopressives are a gentle way of starting to get the scar tissue moving again and rebuilding the core after surgery.  Sarah has also completed a Hysterectomy Exercise and Rehab course so you are in safe hands. 

Q: I have been told I have diastasis recti can you help me? What exercises can I do?

A: There are still things you can do to start being active with a DR, we can give you exercise do’s and don’ts.  Hypopressives is a fantastic tool to use to improve your abdominal separation. 

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